Conor Culver's "Underwater Surrealism"
Monday, November 21, 2011 at 1:30PM
Infinite Editions

Infinite Editions is pleased to announce the upcoming BFA Thesis effort by our friend, Conor Culver.
On display at Emmanuel Gallery from December 5 - 9, Culver's aptly titled series "Underwater Surrealism" offers viewers a fantastical glimpse into a world unknown. Culver's aquatic creatures find interesting new life being re-contextualized in exotic environments that are overflowing with exaggerated colors and themes. Check out his and other UCD Thesis students work while you have the opportunity!

Also, check out more of Culver's work at or in our own Artist Gallery.

Ink of the Octopus (Dry Tortugas), 2011
Copyright Conor Culver

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