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Michael McConnell

Infinite Editions printed and stretched a triptych canvas for Michael McConnell. He sold this impressive series to a large oil company and they currently have it hanging in their office. Michael created the image using his 5x7 camera and making a double exposure at two different times of day. The first exposure was taken for the sky and the second for the foreground of the industrial area. Congratulations on your sale Michael!

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In production 

Jon Pettit is in our studio setting up to create photographic reproductions of Heidi Jung's incredible and large scale drawings. Using strobe lights and a 4x5 camera, we are photographing her work to recreate it digitally. After we photograph the images, we then Drum Scan the 4x5 film to create high resolution and pristine files from which we print digitally.

Visit www.heidijung.com