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Ebony Williams

Ebony Williams is graduating from Naropa University in Boulder Colorado with her BFA in photography. Our studio printed and mounted her black and white photography to aluminum. Attend her opening on Friday May 6th at 5pm to 8pm at Naropa University Nalanda Gallery 6287 Arapahoe Rd. Boulder, CO 80301

Ebony Williams describes her thesis work as,

"Somewhere between a nightmare and an experiential indie film we live in a place that tells us what beauty is. This strange place seems to believe that an ostentatious, pretentious, clammy, frail, lifeless impression of a human being is what beauty is...This fallacy is portrayed in all mainstream media and on the streets of major cities...In this strange world, my aim is to document what I see and expose this perplexing place for what it is."