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In 2009 Infinite Editions produced Kevin O'Connell's two bodies of work, Conventoinal Entropy and Everything Comes Broken for exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Robischon Gallery in Denver, Colorado. Kevin's work explores the ever changing natural landscape and its inclusion of fabricated machinery that produces energy.

"What is undeniable is that these devices will undergo a gradual and inevitable deterioration. Over time the original forms, surfaces, textures, and colors of these engineering marvels are altered and degraded by the physical world. Mechanical systems break down, parts break and are discarded, pipelines rupture and are eventually abandoned in place. Decay is the order of the natural world. Ultimately, these energy converters will all arrive at the same state - energy junk, or Monuments to Entropy. But the scars on the land will remain." -Kevin O'Connell from Works About Energy

Infinite Editions printed these large scale photographs on our fine art water color paper, mounted them to Dibond® and spray varnished the prints to protect them from dust and UV rays.