Patricia Barry Levy

"I have degrees in history and photography. After more than 20 years as a commercial photogragher, I began to use the computer to make my images in 2005.

I'm drawn to the central grasslands that begin just to the east of my Denver, Colorado home, where myth, history, and the present overlap in subtle ways.

The everchanging skies and landscapes form the backdrop for birds, animals, people and their artifacts. Together they inspire a sense of mystery and metaphor. The apparent emptiness hints at intriguing tales, possible and impossible scenarios.

Through photomontage I merge reality and fantasy to tell stories and invite the viewer on an uplifting voyage into the imagination. Often working from rough sketches, I combine photographs taken during my travels or in my studio. Also included are scans of objects I've collected along the way, as well as my pastel or line drawings.

I view these constructed images as imaginary narratives of life on the plains, or thereabouts."

-Patricia Barry Levy, 2012


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