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 Sabin Aell: Triggered Momentum, mixed media, 2011

Feb. 11-March 19th 2011 at Walker Fine Art Denver, CO

Triggered Momentum is a photography based body of work by artist Sabin Aell. It employs painting, aluminum dibond, and photographic objects to explore the nature of chance encounters and inspiration. Sabin Aell describes her work as,

"This work is an interpretation of all those moments when you "know it" in just a split second. It could be triggered by an object you see, a color viewed in a certain light, a word someone says in a particular way, or a smell or taste which brings this insightful epiphany as you know it in the very moment. . . For this work I froze towels, draped into different shapes, partially folded over objects which I removed after the towels were stiff enough. I photographed them floating in the air with a medium-format film camera (Mamiya RB 67). The images are printed on a translucent material which allows the paintings on the aluminum dibond to shine through."

-Sabin Aell

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Owner of Infinite Editions, Ron Landucci, worked closely with Sabin Aell by collaborating ideas and production using unconventional materials selected to print, mount and realize the vision of her work. They both experimented under Aell's mixed media style of combining photography and various other materials and mastered techniques to create a new form of displaying and printing a digital image. Ron Landucci is enthusiastic about Sabin Aell's work and he looks forward to future opportunities to work with Fine Artists and help them achieve a spectacular finished product. 

Sabin Aell is represented by Walker Fine Art in Denver, CO

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(all image credits to Waker Fine Art and Sabin Aell)