Projects | Medal of Honor

Infinite Editions has had the honor of working with photographer Nick Del Calzo on scanning and preparing his amazing medium format negatives to create digital scans of his work. These scans have contributed to the images printed in his prestigous book Medal of Honor as well as portfolios and fine art prints.

"The Medal of Honor Collection is truly an American treasure of our nation's most honored heroes. These historical photographs represent an enduring legacy of common men who responded with uncommon valor.

This groundbreaking work is showcased in a new commemorative book: Medal of Honor: Portraits of Valor Beyond the Call of Duty. The book was created by Nick Del Calzo, in collaboration with the Medal of Honor Foundation.

These portraits provide a rare glimpse of America's most honored heroes. These esteemed heroes are a rapidly diminishing number of men upon whom our nation bestowed the highest award for valor in combat - the Medal of Honor. Less than 110 are alive today, out of the 3,441 ever awarded since the Civil War."