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Monochrome Prints

In producing monochromatic prints we primarily use an inkjet system known as Piezography, which is highly regarded for creating black and white prints with an extraordinary tonal range. The system was developed by Jon Cone in East Topsham, Vermont, and was first introduced in 1998. 

Pizeography utilizes the seven inkjet heads found in Epson printers, and implements a technology that uses seven shades of black ink to produce monochromatic prints compared to only three shades of black ink used by Epson.  The tonal range, as well as the highlight and shadow detail are impeccable.  Piezography also has the ability to create a print of superior resolution by placing the printer dots of ink significantly close together.

The longevity factor in using piezography inks is also important to note. PiezoTone inks are composed of 100% pure carbon ink, which have a great historical longevity.  The carbon inks are proven to be superior in resisting fading and color changing over time. 

We print with ConeTech's PiezoTone monochrome ink sets and use Epson and Canon Pigment inks to produce monochrome prints with stronger hues. We currently offer the following Piezotone ink sets:

  • Selenium
  • Carbon Sepia
  • Warm Neutral
  • Custom split-toning combinations are available (Please call for more information)