Spray Finishing | Mounting


As an alternative to film lamination, we use a variety of spray finishes or liquid laminates as a water proof and UV resistant for both color and monochromatic prints.  Liquid laminates provide a thin, less evasive layer of protective coating compared to the thicker plastic-like coating created by film lamination, which can often times distract from the original appearance of the raw print.  Both the texture of the original substrate, as well as the fine detail and color are less affected by spray laminates.

Notes about Spray Finishing:

  • Spray finishes used: Liquitex, Lyson Print Guard, and Premier Art.
  • Spray finished render inkjet and water-soluable prints waterproof and greatly enhances U.V. light resistance to fading.
  • Spray finishes are available in gloss, matte and semi matte.