Michael Berman portfolio

The Gran Desierto is 7,000 square miles of desert on the western border of Arizona and Sonora.  Sand dunes and a shield volcano rise out of the Sea of Cortez and float into open basins and thin granite ranges. A single paved road cuts across the desert in between the Barry M. Goldwater Bombing Range and the Reserva de la Biosfera El Pinacate y ­El Gran Desierto de Altar.

For seven years Michael Berman wandered the Gran Desierto.  He carried a 4x5 view camera, drove an old truck, and made over 4,000 photographs.  He was awarded a three-year fellowship from the Southwest Center at the University of Arizona.  In 2006 he published two monographs on the Gran Desierto:  “Sunshot”, by the University of Arizona Press, with text by Bill Broyles, and “Inferno”, by the University of Texas Press, with text by Charles Bowden. 

Under a Dry Moon:  One Hundred Views of the Gran Desierto, by Michael P. Berman, is a first edition portfolio published by Infinite Editions.  The portfolio is comprised of seven folios, each containing between 12 to 17 prints.  The images are printed 11.5” x 14.5” on 16” x 20” paper.  The portfolio was printed February 2007 in an edition of eight portfolios of 100 images.

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