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Michael C. Pastur

Michael Pastur is a photographer that creates masterful images using film and in camera techniques. He constructs pinhole and Holgapanoramic cameras to create his beautiful images.

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"I love film and grain how rapid fix curls up my nose hairs and burns in cracked
cuticles kitchen sink processing and the anticipation of a great find in a still wet
roll pulled freshly off the reel an affair for more than 35 years occasionally I'll
stray to pixel but film is a lifetime.”

-Michael C. Pastur

Eighteen months ago Michael was diagnosed with two rare blood cancers: Waldenström's Macroglobulinemia, and Secondary Amyloidosis. In case of Waldenström's Disease, the abnormal plasma cells produce dysfunctional immune globulins. Normally these cells are in charge of producing the immune globulins proteins that our body needs to fight infections.

Dr. William C. Shiel Jr., describes Secondary Amyloidosis as “One of a group of diseases in which protein deposits (amyloid) accumulate in one or more organ systems in the body, secondary amyloid is caused by a chronic infection or inflammatory disease and frequently causes development of amyloid deposits in the kidney.”

Being diagnosed was only the beginning. Complications from fighting the two blood cancers also brought on a heart attack. And as if this was not enough for one man to deal with, Michael had also slipped on ice last winter fracturing his pelvis.

After chemotherapy treatments, Michael received a stem cell transplant from cells generated from his body. Michael is presently undergoing dialysis three times a week, and is on a waiting list to receive a kidney transplant. Michael Pastur is hopeful for the future and fights for it everyday. He is grateful to his family for all of their love, and to his friends who give him love and support as if he was blood.

Infinite Editions has printed a limited number of editions of Michael Pastur’s panoramic photograph from Shiprock, NM. This image was captured completely in camera on film using his constructed Holgapanoramic camera. We are donating a large portion of the proceeds from the print sales directly to Michael Pastur. He has also signed all of the editions.

Infinite Editions has drum scanned Michael's film at the highest quality and the editions are masterfully printed on fine art Hahnemühle German Etching Board using a warm neutral monochromatic inkset.

Larger size prints are also available as well as custom framing and mounting options.

Purchase one of these beautiful and autographed prints to help support Michael’s recovery.

1st edition (prints # 1-50)
4” x 15” Image size with 1” border - $50
8” x 30” Image size with 2” border - $200

2nd edition (prints # 51-100)
4” x 15” Image size with 1” border - $75
8” x 30” Image size with 2” border - $300

3rd edition (prints # 101-151)
4” x 15” Image size with 1” border - $100
8” x 30” Image size with 2” border - $400

Domestic shipping: $30 for the smaller print/ $40 for the larger print 

We create custom packaging that will preserve the pristine quality of the print during shipping


Call Infinite Editions at 303-271-9400

or E-Mail to purchase a print


**If you are not able to purchase a print, please make a donation in the amount you wish by following the link below and donate directly to Michael Pastur.


Please join us in reaching out to a wonderful photographer and friend.


Thank you,

Ron Landucci