Susan Goldstein

“Susan Goldstein has been exhibiting her art for less than a decade. Her investigations always feel authentic and fresh, which is to say that they engage the world through responsiveness rather than reactivity. She possesses a gentle, utopian ferocity that expresses itself through an amazingly diverse arsenal of styles and strategies. Her works connect past and present, both within her own oeuvre (earlier works in intimate dialogue with recent ones) and in their reference to the big world of history, culture, politics. Goldstein is a restless forager – a connoisseur of fragments, emblems, numinous talismans and enchanted bric-a-brac. Her studio brims with charged objects, artifacts and souvenirs that are displayed instinctively and innocently, restoring the objects of the past to the pleasure of the present."
- Simon Zalkind, Singer Gallery


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